Cloud Computing and SaaS

Wednesday evening, March 11 2009, Kim Terry, Terrosa Technologies, discusses the efficiencies and IT impacts of Software as a Service (SaaS). Kim’s talk surveys and defines SaaS vendors, the market place, what’s accelerating SaaS deployments, and effects on the businesses’ infrastructure & data communications.

Kim Terry is Founder and CEO of Terrosa Technologies. Terrosa provides Software as a Service (SaaS) Creation Services for software providers, SaaS Transition Services for organizations, and CloudForm Services Infrastructure Platforms and Data Integration. Terrosa’s technologies lower cost of operations and speed deployment of existing and new applications onto cloud computing environments. The company’s core technologies enable the move from in-house to Internet-based applications using virtualization, data movement controls, and custom.

Prior to founding Terrosa Technologies, Kim was VP and CIO at 3n Global, a mass notification services provider. Prior to 3n, he was Director of IT at Jafra Cosmetics and an IT executive at Transamerica. He also co-founded a consulting firm that sold, integrated, and supported technology used for field office and mobile data communications.

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