RFID in Implantable Medical Devices

Wednesday, 10 June 2009, Nilanjan Dey Roy discusses his research into RFID systems used in implantable medical devices. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the next generation identification technique with a cheap and simple design. As RFID finds its way into the medical environment, this paper tries to approach the various promises of RFID in medical devices and questions which of these are true. With all the possibilities of RFID, it is important to place all safeguards before we unleash the technology upon the world. In this paper we try to research and exploit security vulnerabilities of a RFID. In addition we propose a RFID system for a medical organization which processes the data from an implantable device.

At first, an overview of RFID technology and the involved system components will be given. In the subsequent sections, aspects of security and privacy will be presented. And finally an overall system with data management will be presented. In this project we try to present a set of research which will help us to understand the possibilities and level of risk involved in a RFID in implantable devices.

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