Graphically Simulating Smoke in Three Dimensions

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, Carmen Putrino will discuss graphically simulating smoke in three dimensions.


The purpose of this study was to graphically simulate smoke in three dimensions. This study uses the pivotal paper “Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games” by Jos Stam as a starting point. Stam presents a working model, with code, for a realistic two-dimensional smoke simulation. To simulate smoke with realistic behavior one must numerically ‘solve’ complex partial differential equations. This study will analyze and present the mathematics necessary to generate a realistic three-dimensional smoke simulation. Java code has been developed for this simulation and care was taken to create readable code that aligns to the mathematics and algorithms analyzed and is presented in this study.

Rainbow Smoke by Lucy Dell

Rainbow Smoke by Lucy Dell

About the Speaker

Carmen Putrino has worked in the hardware and software engineering fields at several defense and commercial industries. He currently holds the position of senior manger at Amgen, a leading biotechnology firm. Carmen received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University and he is currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science at California Lutheran University. While at Amgen, Carmen received Computer World’s “Best Practices in Business Intelligence for Planning, Designing and Building the BI Infrastructure” award for leading the development of the Reporting Data Store operational data warehouse.

Location: Richter Auditorium, Ahmanson Science Center, California Lutheran University
Additional maps and parking details:
Refreshments and networking: 6:30 PM
Talk: 7:00 PM

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