Moorpark College CS Advisory Committee

Dean Lisa Miller and the Moorpark College CS and CNSE departments invite Computer Science professionals to participate in our yearly Advisory Committee meeting for the Computer Science and Computer Network Systems Engineering departments. The purpose is to reach out to the community around Moorpark College in order to gain your insight and feedback as to what our programs are doing and what they should be doing.

We will begin the meeting by reviewing what our programs are doing and the future plans we have. We then ask that you, who will teach/employ Moorpark students, give us your feelings as to what we should be preparing our students for at the community college level. (This level is the first two years of a bachelor’s degree and/or job training.) What are the trends you see developing that you want students to learn? If you already employ/teach our students, what are we doing right and what can we improve on?

This should be a one hour meeting (until 8 PM). However, if we wish to, we can certainly go beyond this time if you feel that the discussion merits it.

Thank you for considering attending. If you know others who you feel should be at this meeting, please do not hesitate to ask them to contact me. I also ask that you please RSVP to me. We will supply parking passes.

WHAT: Moorpark College CS/CNSE Advisory Committee Meeting
WHEN: Monday March 28 at 7 PM
WHERE: Academic Center Conference Room 221 on the Moorpark Campus

Thank you,

Martin Chetlen
Department Chair
CS/CNSE Departments
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