RED Digital Cinema

On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Ted Schilowitz from RED Digital Cinema will talk about RED’s Ultra High Definition camera technology and the software it takes to handle 14 megapixel images at 120 frames per second.

Ted is currently part of the development team at RED Digital Cinema, that is taking the Digital motion picture camera to the next level of resolution, functionality and design. With 5K and beyond acquisition, all in a revolutionary form factor, the EPIC Camera is all about innovation, from the concept, to the radical design, to the remarkable engineering, to the breakthrough price point… everything about the EPIC and RED Digital Cinema is about breaking the rules. The EPIC camera is simply a new breed of tool for Cinematography. 5k resolution, Raw workflow, PL mount for use with Cinema Grade Lenses, the REDCODE Codec, and the 5K Mysterium sensor which RED has created specifically for the EPIC all contribute to the remarkable advancements of this next generation 5K Digital Cinematography system.

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