JNativeHook: Global Keyboard and Mouse Hooking for Java

The Java programming language has supported keyboard and mouse input beginning with version 1.1. These low-level events are generated within registered component objects of the currently running application. Because there is no alternative input method, this behavior makes it impossible for a programmer to receive user input outside the focus of their application. This poses a serious problem for applications designed to run in the background or in a minimized state but still require some type of user input.

The JNativeHook library has solved this problem by utilizing platform-specific native code to tap low-level operating system keyboard and mouse events and deliver them to Java. Although native code was utilized to provide this added functionality, great care was taken to preserve both a portable and uniform experience across all supported Java platforms.

About the Speaker

Alexander Barker is a senior programmer at California Lutheran University’s Information Systems and Services. He is completed his MSCS degree.

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    Richter Auditorium, California Lutheran University


    Wed 14 April, 6:30pm Networking, 7:00pm Presentation


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