Advancing Game Play with Graphics in The Unfinished Swan

Wednesday evening 13 February, please join us as Joshua Sarfaty, Technical Director and Lead Programmer for Giant Sparrow, discusses the visual programming advances made in the novel and award-winning Sony Playstation 3 game The Unfinished Swan.

The Unfinished Swan is an exploration game based around throwing paint and other random splatter materials to reveal and operate an otherwise invisible world.  Traditional decal systems used for such temporary effects as footprints, bullet holes, and gore, are poorly suited for representing large, numerous, and permanent splats of paint.  Joshua Sarfaty will discuss the technical details of the splat system developed for The Unfinished Swan and the challenges encountered.

About the Speaker

Joshua Sarfaty is the Technical Director and Lead Programmer for Giant Sparrow.  He began his career developing missile targeting systems for the U.S. armed forces, but soon transitioned to the games industry.  Josh has been developing console games and engines for the past 9 years, and is credited on titles such as Madden NFL 05-06, NBA Ballers, Spiderman 3, UFC Undisputed, and The Unfinished Swan.

About the Company

Giant Sparrow is a small video game developer focused on creating surreal experiences people have never had before.  Based in Santa Monica, CA, it was founded in 2008 by Ian Dallas to develop the idea of a “first person painter” into a commercial game.  In October, 2012, the company released their first game, The Unfinished Swan, for the PlayStation 3 as a PSN exclusive.

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