Genomic Data Management in Persephone

On Wednesday, 13 March 2013, Stanislav Freidin of Ceres will discuss Genomic Data Management in Persephone.


Persephone (named after the Greek goddess of spring and seeds) is a thick-client application for visualizing a variety of biological data in a single unified view. Its main goal is to visualize massive datasets in an appealing way, thus allowing the biologist to quickly transition from a birds-eye view of entire genomes down to the level of individual genes and base pairs — and then back again. While there are other tools that can visualize this data, none (to our knowledge) do it quickly and fluidly, and none are able to synthesize a wide variety of data. We will talk about several challenges, both technical and aesthetic, we had to overcome in order to make this possible.

About the Speaker

Stanislav Freidin (or “Stas” for short) is a Senior Software Engineer working on Persephone. After graduating Berkeley, he worked at several startups until he came to Ceres, where he became a member of the original Persephone team. After a brief stint at Google and CarsDirect, he came back to Ceres to continue Persephone development.

About the Company

Founded as a genomics technology firm, and operational since 1997, Ceres has been applying the techniques used in the Human Genome Project to crops. Our high-throughput systems have proven to be extremely effective at identifying not just genes, but also their function and potential use.

Today, we are a fully integrated seed company applying our knowledge to dedicated energy crops. This is resulting in higher yields of biomass and fermentable sugars, more fuel per acre, fewer agricultural inputs, and a cleaner environment for us all.

Meeting Info

Registration:  Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register via the IEEE meeting system.

Pizza and networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation, Q&A:  7:00 PM

Location: Richter Auditorium, Ahmanson Science Center, California Lutheran University

Parking:  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots.  Free parking is available in the visitor lot at the corner of Olsen Road and Mountclef Boulevard.  Alternatively, CLU Public Safety has provided us with parking passes for on street parking.

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