Follow Your Heart in Your Career: The Perspective from a Transformational Engineer

On Wednesday, 9 April 2014, David Collins will discuss “Follow Your Heart in Your Career: The Perspective from a Transformational Engineer”.  This is a joint meeting of the Buenaventura chapters IEEE Robotics and Automation/Industry Applications, and IEEE Computer Society.


Society’s problems have become multidisciplinary in nature.  In our journey to solve them, we have discovered other disciplines that hold  part of the solution that we need to implement.  Exposure to new fields of knowledge leads us to branches in our career paths.  There is the safe path and there is the path that leads to who knows where.  There is a linear solution and a non-linear solution to which path to choose.  David Collins has been at these crossroads inviting him to take new roads with unknown destinations. This journey led David to become a transformational engineer, an emerging discipline of engineering that leading universities have added to their curriculum.  David Collins will show that there is no “correct” path.  The lesson he has learned is to allow yourself to follow your heart to build your future.

About the Speaker

David Collins, EE, IEEE Life Senior Member has advanced the art of engineering over 45 years in several technical disciplines including aircraft and space systems, amusement ride mechatronics and robotics, industrial automation systems, optical systems, alternative energy systems and computers to name a few.  Mr. Collins is a recognized translational engineer, technical innovator, and skilled project manager in advanced tactical systems development and POC testing, ECM systems development and flight test, decoy and deception systems development, space flight controller system design, spacecraft sensor system design, advanced color HUD camera system development, fail-to-safe sensor applications, airborne and shipboard test management, medium power laser systems development, laser-based sensor system evaluation, air-vehicle health monitoring sensor investigation, motion simulator systems development, application of theory of constraints for system optimization, and specifications and standards compliance analysis.  David Collins is Principal of TEAM IX, a firm established to provide design, development, commissioning, operational and maintenance training for a number of world-wide clients.  David Collins is a Senior Member and a Life Member of IEEE. TEAM IX also provides independent, forensic assessment and expert testimony in amusement ride related matters.

Meeting Info

Registration:  Please contact Doug Askegard <> if you would like to attend.

Pizza and networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM

Location: Richter Auditorium, Ahmanson Science Center, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks

Parking:  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots.  Free parking is available in the visitor lot at the corner of Olsen Road and Mountclef Boulevard.  Alternatively, CLU Public Safety has provided us with parking passes for on street parking.

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