Public Meeting Set-Up

Instructions for setting up and holding speaker’s technical meetings.

Default meeting location and time is 2nd Wed. of the  month at CLU in Richter Hall.  This is hard-coded into the website.  If the meeting’s time or place has changed, plan and publicize at least 2 months in advance.  People get lost!

Prior to the meeting, at least 1 month ahead of time

  1. Acquire a speaker.
    1. Get the speaker’s topic and brief description of the paper/presentation
    2. a short biography to introduce the speaker.
  2. Publicize the meeting, topic, and speaker.
    1. Use the blog to make a news entry.  Be sure to write a short version to appear on the front page as well as the longer version.
    2. After writing the blog, push a very short and condensed version to the local newspapers’ events publication pages. These folks need at least three weeks advance notice to ensure it appears in the papers.
      1. You must set up a login on the newspaper’s websites. Logins are free.
      2. Ventura County Star:
      3. The Acorn:
      4. The Daily News (SFV):
    3. Update the IEEE BV Calendar in Google Calendar. You will need to get Steve Johnson to grant write permission to “BV-IEEE OpCom”.
    4. Tell Steve Johnson about the speaker / topic before the end of the month so he can put it in the section newsletter.

Prior to meeting, at least two weeks ahead of time

  1. Publicize the meeting and topic in an email push to the mailing list.
  2. Check with Craig Reinhart to ensure we have enough water bottles, napkins, and paper plates. Typical meeting of 20 people uses up 30 water bottles (the little round ones from CostCo).  Buy more if needed.

Prior to meeting, weekend before the meeting

  1. Do a second email push with Subject: saying something like “Reminder”
  2. Check with the speaker for any needs, cables, handicapped access, etc.
    1. The room projector can do 1024×768 and has only a VGA input.
    2. The room computer runs MS Windows with PowerPoint, IE, and FireFox.
    3. Speakers will need a wireless password to connect and get online if they bring in their own equipment.
    4. Speakers will need driving and parking directions.  Email them or call the speaker.
  3. Update the “splash” powerpoint file with new dates, the speaker’s topic, etc. This presentation runs on the overhead while people are milling around, eating pizza, and networking. Use it to advertise upcoming meetings, get folks to join the Computer Society or IEEE, list sponsors, anything you like.

Day of the meeting

  1. Make and print sign-up sheets from RSVPs. (Currently, done manually, Deron is looking at automation.)
  2. Make door signs for meeting so folks don’t get lost (yeesh, it’s true).
  3. Order pizza from CostCo food court, 805-578-3330. (Karl usually does this as he’s closest.)
    1. Pizzas are $10/each, heuristic is for every 5 RSVPs, order 1 pizza, eg, 20 people coming, order 4 pizzas.
    2. Rough mix is 2 combos:2 pepperoni:1 cheese.
    3. CostCo food court accepts only cash. Take your order inside and pay at register using CCard, then take receipt to food court for pick-up.
    4. Order pizzas for pick-up at 6pm. Takes 15 minutes to get to CLU from CostCo.
  4. Set up venue: pizza/refreshments and sign-up sheets down front so folks must come forward to get stuff, put signs on doors, etc.
  5. Greet guest and set up projection:
    1. On/off button is the small square brass plate behind the podium
    2. If the speaker plugs into the VGA cable, set the A/B/C switch to “Laptop” in the electronics stack, otherwise, set the A/B/C switch to “PC” to run presentation from the Windows machine.
    3. Same deal for audio; their’s a stereo mini-plug for audio and use the “Laptop” audio setting on the amplifier stack

After the meeting

  1. Review sign-up sheet and add any new names and addresses to the mail list. Send the newbies a “welcome, glad you could join us” email to test their email addresses. Handwriting may need deciphering.
  2. Complete the IEEE L31 meeting report. L31’s are MANDATORY or we lose IEEE funding!
    1. The form is self-explanatory, but you’ll need the number of IEEE and non-IEEE members from the sign-in sheet.
    2. See . This has changed in 2010: you must be a valid chapter officer and you must login with your IEEE portal/web account.
  3. Post any material the speaker gave us:
    1. Presentations – put them in the Media area of WordPress and link to them
    2. Video – hang it on YouTube and link to it.
    3. Links, etc.: If there’s a lot of material, like with the Conejo Robotics club in 2009, create a new page and hang it under the Events menu on the web site. Otherwise, post follow-up messages to the meeting announcment in the main blog/newsstream (that’s why we’re using the blogging engine).
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